4 Excellent Kitchen Makeover Trends to Try

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Your kitchen is the home’s hub of activity, so make sure that the space remains lovely and comfortable. You can achieve this by investing in kitchen remodeling from Great Roofing and Restoration. As your expert in restoration services, we can help you improve your kitchen’s look with the following makeover trends:

Kitchen Makeover Trends

  1. Upgrade your kitchen cabinets to bright white. Since they sometimes take much the space, kitchen cabinets draw the eye instantly. That’s why you need to make sure they can create a big impression. If they’re already old and worn-looking, update them with a smooth and clean hue that goes with anything: white. A classic, bright-white kitchen remains a favorite for many homeowners looking to upgrade their space. If you want to incorporate this design trend to your own kitchen, start with your cabinets. This gives them a pristine, sophisticated look. Just add a neutral tone like gray to keep everything from looking sterile, plus golden wood tones for warmth.

  2. Invest in metallic fixtures and lighting. Be sure to consider the right fixtures and lighting when investing in kitchen remodeling. Forgo the standard light bulb or fluorescent with pendant lighting. Choose metallic finishes like copper, brass, or bronze as they provide a warm, cozy feel to the kitchen. You can also invest in LED lights and place them under or even inside kitchen cabinets or shelves, toekicks, and tray ceilings. Meanwhile, you can select chrome, nickel, and silver finishes for cabinet handles, door knobs, and plumbing fixtures. This will add an instant touch of elegance to the room.

  3. Install a window backsplash. Create a lovely focal point in your kitchen by eschewing the traditional backsplash for a glass window. An expansive view of the outdoors can make kitchen tasks a bit more enjoyable. Since this same large glass area allows access to considerable natural light, you can provide a brighter, airier look to your kitchen.

  4. Create a cohesive color scheme. Bold and bright or calm and airy? You can design the overall mood of your kitchen with the right color combinations. For example, you can keep a warm and energetic space by adding bold splashes of orange and red. If you want a more Zen-like feel, incorporate metallic grays and wood browns to your kitchen. Finally, choose light blues and white to give the room a bright and airy look.

Great Roofing and Restoration is the premier company you can count on for a safe and stress-free kitchen remodel. We’ll work closely with you throughout the process, taking your wants and needs into account so we can design a space that’s tailor-made for you. Our deep experience allows us to work on your project in a timely and efficient manner. From upgrading cabinets and installing new countertops to improving layout with strategic storage and island placement, we’ll help you create a lovelier, more comfortable, and functional kitchen space. You can also trust us for your bathroom remodeling.

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