A Closer Look at Top GAF Shingles: 3-Tab and Architectural

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Asphalt shingles are one of the top roofing materials in the US. Leading in popularity are two of GAF’s best shingles: 3-tab shingles and architectural shingles. While the 3-tab shingle is a standard for mass housing, architectural shingles are rapidly gaining popularity. Great Roofing and Restoration, your reliable roofing contractor, compares the two in detail to help you choose the better one for your home.

GAF Shingles: 3-Tab and Architectural

Aesthetic Difference

When it comes to roofing, it’s important to choose a strikingly appealing material as the roof is a highly visible area of the home. Architectural, or dimensional, shingles are known for their incredible depth and texture. This is due to their heavy base mat and layered construction. In addition, our architectural shingles come in a wide selection of colors, shapes, and sizes to give your roof a unique appearance.

Meanwhile, 3-tab shingles have a uniform appearance. The name stems from their structure, where each shingle is notched three times to mimic the look of three shingles. They are also thinner than architectural shingles, making for an easier installation.

On appearance alone, architectural shingles can offer more variations than 3-tab shingles. For homeowners looking for that extra flair to their homes, you should consider architectural shingles on your next roofing replacement.

Performance Difference

Our 3-tab shingles provide excellent protection against the harsh effects of the weather. Their simpler composition, however, means that their service life is not as long as architectural shingles. We offer up to 20 years of coverage for both material defects and workmanship.

Due to their heavier construction, architectural shingles provide better wind and warp resistance. They can also offer better and longer protection for your home. Additionally, we offer up to 25 years of warranty coverage for the installation and up to 50 years on material defects, so you can enjoy its benefits peacefully.

A roof replacement is a big investment, and it’s important to consider longevity and quality when choosing a material. If you’re on a budget, then 3-tab shingles can offer quality performance for its price. Architectural shingles, however, provide more in terms of beauty and efficiency. By investing in the latter, you won’t have to worry about a roof replacement for a long time.

Great Roofing and Restoration, your residential and commercial roofing expert, can provide top-notch asphalt shingles for your home. As a GAF Master Elite™ contractor, we can provide their quality products and strong warranties. For more about the different roofing materials we offer, call us at (719) 622-6171.  We serve communities in Aurora and nearby CO areas. You can also request a free estimate.