High Winds Ravage Denver, Surrounding Areas

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Tuesday’s weather continued to be as unpredictable as the year to this point, with high winds taking down trees, fences, and tearing off many shingles from roofs.  The high winds caused visible damage to 3-tab shingle roofs, as well as dimensional roofs.  Most of the damage was seen in the areas from Denver to Aurora.

The wind damage in these areas was significant enough to remove large patches of shingles from homes and businesses alike.  With shingles laying in yards, trees on houses, and fences down, we’ve begun to help in the cleanup process.


If you’re in Denver or Aurora, or any of the surrounding areas and have suffered wind damage we

can provide a free inspection to truly see the extent of damages to your home.  Many times wind damage can happen to shingles only to have them lay back down flat on the roof, hiding some of the damage caused.  It is important to have someone physically on your roof to inspect for damage caused by these winds, and decide what roofing repairs truly need to be done in order to get your roof back to water-tight.

If you need emergency repairs to your roof in Denver, Aurora, or any other area that suffered wind damage, please call our office or submit your info on our contact page for immediate help!

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