Major Hailstorm Rocks Colorado Springs and Fountain Areas

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Another major hailstorm has hit the Colorado Springs and Fountain areas of Colorado. Similar to the Colorado Springs hailstorm a few years ago, millions upon millions of dollars in damage has been done.  Great Roofing and Restoration has been restoring homes in Colorado since 2008, and services the Colorado Springs and Fountain areas.  We provide free consultations on the amount of damage done to your home, and can assist you through the claims process.


Colorado Springs roofing replacements due to hail are usually completed using new, impact resistant shingles, which will help prevent future damage from hail.  Both the Fountain, and Colorado Springs roofing markets will allow for discounts on home insurance premiums from installing these impact resistant roofing solutions.

With damage to more than just the roofing, making sure you get a full assessment of your damages before accepting any insurance settlement is important.  Hail damage in the Fountain and Colorado Springs areas will likely include the roof, siding, gutters, windows and paint.  Many of these items are drastically under paid for by insurance companies, and are regularly increased through supplemental payments as the costs of the repairs rise.

Call our local Colorado Springs office for service, a free inspection, or emergency roofing repair or tarping if you are in the areas of Colorado Springs or Fountain that have sustained this hail damage.


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