Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor Before Hiring Them

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Home improvement and remodeling projects are important investments that require careful planning. For one, hiring the right contractor has a significant effect on the success of your project. But with the number of contractors in the industry, how do you choose just one? Great Roofing and Restoration, your reliable roofer, shares the top questions you need to ask a contractor before hiring them.

Questions to Ask Your Contractor

What Is Our Schedule?

A schedule isn’t limited to just the start and end date of your project. It’s important to have a schedule that clearly outlines the tasks and deadlines so you can easily determine if there will be any delays. Remember that every little thing can affect the bigger picture in the long run. The schedule should also reflect the days and times when the workers will be on-site, so you know who’s responsible for what.

How Will You Protect my Property?

A reroofing or a remodeling project involves tearing down the old parts of your home to make room for new ones. So before any demolition starts, it’s best to ask your contractor how they’ll maintain the cleanliness and condition of the rest of your home. For instance, when you work with Great Roofing and Restoration for your roofing replacement, we’ll make sure to employ dust containment measures and isolate the debris to the construction area alone. We do our best to leave your property exactly how it was before we got there so you can continue your daily routine with ease.

How Will We Communicate?

Lastly, the key to every successful project is clear communication. This ensures that you and your contractor are on the same page at all times, leading to satisfactory results. Talk to your contractor about their preferred mode of communication. Make sure that both of you understand how information will be sent and received. Agree on a format and method that works for both of you. Electronic communication aside, scheduled weekly meetings are a great way to talk face-to-face and clear up any misunderstandings.

Great Roofing and Restoration, as one of the top roofers in the area, understands how daunting home improvement projects can be. That’s why we strive to provide exceptional customer service to our clients. This includes guiding them through every step of their project and providing quality results. We serve Cincinnati and nearby areas in Ohio. Call us at (513) 788-2288 and let’s discuss your next home improvement project.