Roofs and Significant Events in Popular Culture

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Popular culture and roofs don’t seem to have much in common, but you would be surprised. Every now and then, entertainment events occur in some of the strangest places. Great Roofing and Restoration, the top roofing contractor in our local area, discusses how roofs and pop culture sometimes intersect:

Roofs and Significant Events

World’s First Sumo Monster Truck Match

The Halloween Havoc was an annual professional wrestling pay-per-view event by World Championship Wrestling. In 1995, they made history by hosting the world’s first Sumo Monster Truck Match on a rooftop. Hulk Hogan vs The Giant, more popularly known today as The Big Show, got into their stylized monster trucks and tried to push each other out of the ring. Hogan was able the push the Giant’s truck out of the ring, but in a surprise twist, the Giant got out of his truck and the two fought it out. Hogan won once again and the Giant fell to his apparent doom.

The Most Iconic Rock Performance in History

Something equally spectacular but more historic happened in 1969. The Beatles played on the roof of Apple Records unannounced. This was a fantastic moment in rock history that couldn’t have been possible without a good quality roofing system. The legendary band thought that this would be a great way to end the documentary of their final days as a group. Unfortunately, police became concerned about noise and traffic issues and ascended to stop the concert. This was the last public performance of the Beatles.

Keeping Your Roof in Good Condition

These two events show the importance of keeping a well-maintained roof. While we seriously don’t recommend staging a concert or monster truck battle on your roof, we recommend making sure it is as strong as possible. If you want a roof strong enough to protect your interior from the weather, it’s advisable to work with a certified roofing professional like us. We have the skills, experience, and knowledge to make sure that your roof stays in good condition throughout its life span.

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