What You Need to Know About Algae, Moss, and Lichen

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Great Roofing and Restoration is the top roofing contractor in our area because we have the experience and skills to deal with any kind of roofing problem. One of the issues we can help you with is the proliferation of algae, moss, and lichens on your roof. These growths can cause your roof to look unsightly and can affect its performance.

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Algae often appear in nature and on organic and inorganic surfaces of buildings like asphalt shingles, which makes it the common culprit behind green or black roof stains. Algae growth indicates that the roof area is in a shaded spot, so be alert for the possible growth of moss and other problems. Fortunately, algae itself cause little damage to your roof and will not affect performance. They are a cosmetic problem that we can help resolve.


Moss grows on shaded roof surfaces exposed to dampness. Unlike algae, moss is more than a cosmetic issue. Moss traps moisture on your roof’s surface. This accelerates the wear and tear on your asphalt shingles. They can also penetrate and separate roof shingle materials, reducing their service life. As one of the top roofers in our area, we recommend calling a professional like us to deal with this problem. We have the skills to clean your roof without damaging your shingles.


Lichen is a hardy organism that can grow in harsh conditions. It does not have as much thickness of body as moss and it holds less water on the roof surface. This means that it causes less wear than moss. Unfortunately, lichen has a tighter grip on the roof surface. This means that removing lichen from your roof risks harming your shingles. Fortunately, Great Roofing and Restoration can fix this problem with various methods. We can also prevent future growth of algae, lichen, and moss on your roof.

Apart from clearing algae, lichen, and moss from your roofing system, we install high-quality shingles that can resist them. Great Roofing and Restoration is an award-winning company with many years of experience. We serve many Ohio and Colorado communities including Littleton, CO, and its surrounding areas. Contact us at to learn more about moss, lichen, and algae on your roof or request a free estimate.